19 October 2022 Release


UX improvements

  • Shows conference subject in pre-join screen if available
  • Don't show self view notifications if already one is active
  • Fixes chat counter and updated new messages button web styles
  • Makes lobby password hidden by default
  • Dialog components re-styling
  • Changes local recordings tab title to help identifying it
  • Fixes autoscroll for polls causing layout issues
  • Support icons alongside cors avatars
  • Adds dial-in limit message to invite dialog
  • Removes the overlay shown for a slow gUM flow
  • Layout improvements for screen sharing in live streaming scenarios
  • Giphy feature improvements
  • Fixes focus stealing in pre-join screen settings dialog


  • Fixes remote control crash
  • Fixes 8x8 Spaces wireless screen sharing
  • Fixes 8x8 spaces devices setup
  • Fixes an edge case where screen sharing track is sometimes not shared on a p2p connection after the call switches to p2p when the 3rd participant leaves the call
  • Fixes corner case bridge selection issue when a bridge goes in graceful shutdown
  • Redirects to "about blank" when close meeting is opened in iFrame
  • Local recordings improvements
  • Fixes selection if local screen sharing auto-select is true
  • Fixes an issue where starting screen sharing fails if there are stopped tranceivers in the peerconnection (i.e., if some FF remote users with sources have left the call)
  • E2EE UI and performance improvements
  • Disables screen sharing placeholder for 8x8 Spaces
  • Fixes broadcast timer in breakout rooms


  • Adds ability to hide speaker stats.
  • Adds ability to resize the filmstrip
  • Hides buttons disabled through JWT.
  • Fixes startWithAudioMuted overrriding startSilent.
  • Makes pin function work with stage filmstrip.
  • Adds events for start/stop local recording.
  • Enabled multi-stream support by default.
  • Adds stageFilmstripParticipants and maxStageParticipants config options.
  • Add email to local participant info
  • Fixes notify audio muted/audio available.
  • Hides conference name based on config.


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 6644
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.2-43-gce94dbb2
  • Jicofo: 940


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