8 June 2022 Release


  • Enables face centering.
  • Fixes blurry screen sharing when sharing a high resolution screen.
  • Fixes pre-join screen mic state in the case of large conference max users reached.
  • Updates the Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish translation.
  • Dynamically calculates maximum number of columns in tile view depending on screen size.
  • Expands video dimensions on last row to efficiently take advantage of the space.
  • Added toolbar button clicked event.
  • Always-on-top window fixes including a fix for audio mute button disabled status and disables Always-on-top window mic and unmute notifications when starting silent.
  • Adds new generic icon for cloud recordings.
  • Fixes around audio sharing.
  • Fixes tile view scrollbar sizing in certain cases.
  • Аvoids multiple “Аsk to unmute” notifications in A/V moderated mode.
  • Мarks A/V moderation feature as unsupported while in a breakout room.
  • Makes "Mute everyone" button and "Mute everyones video" button only accessible via the Participants panel.
  • Fixes multiple raise hand notifications.
  • Detaches pre-meeting toolbar buttons visibility.

JaaS APIs specific

  • Adds toggle subtitles command.
  • Adds breakout room configs to hide auto assign and footer menu buttons.
  • Provides a default config example for Jigasi as a service.
  • Adds a gravatar config option.
  • Аdds ability to disable specific notifications.
  • Adds name overwrite API.
  • Exposes buttons for docking / undocking iframe.
  • Allows disabling pre-join display name editing.


Release version

  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1-681-g3544ed05
  • Jicofo: 1.0-877
  • Jitsi Meet: 6214


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