Telephony access with Debian


  • Use the stable release 2.0.7830 or newer.


Automatic setup

During the jitsi-meet installation, you will be prompted to enable telephony.
If you selected Yes, then the setup was made automatically for you, and you are ready to go.

Manual setup

Follow these steps if you did not opt in for telephony during the jitsi-meet installation process, or if something is not working as expected.

1. Jitsi-Meet Configuration

Make sure the following properties exist in the /etc/jitsi/meet/<your domain>-config.js file:

dialInConfCodeUrl: '',
dialInNumbersUrl: '',

2. Prosody Configuration

  • Make sure the VirtualHost "" exists in the /etc/prosody/conf.d/jaas.cfg.lua file.
  • Check the asap_accepted_audiences value to contain your actual domain (e.g.
VirtualHost ""
    enabled = true
    modules_enabled = {
    authentication = "token"
    app_id = "jitsi";
    asap_key_server = ""
    asap_accepted_issuers = { "jaas-components" }
    asap_accepted_audiences = { "jigasi.<your domain>" }
  • Restart prosody: service prosody restart